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Wee Folk Afterschool (5 Years +)

Healthy Home Cooked Meals & Homework Support
A Home Away from Home

At Fairyland we understand that families need an easy transition from going from pre-school to big school. We open our doors from 7:30am and provide a breakfast club, with their younger siblings, and a morning school drop off.

After their busy day at school children are collected in the Fairyland Bus and have great fun singing songs on their way back to Fairyland. They change out of their uniforms and into their clothes and if they have any homework the Wee Folk Fairy Godmother is there to help if they need it.

We provide a hot meal prepared by our chef on arrival from school each day as well as a nutritious snack in the evening. There is no need to pack any extra lunches. We all sit down to eat together around the table and have a chat.

After dinner the children can choose to engage in whatever fun activities they are currently enjoying. We like to do art and science activities, play retro and modern games and go out to the playground to run off steam after sitting at school all day.
We finish off our day in Fairyland with some mindfulness, music, yoga and storytelling before home time.


“Give children small challenges to solve all by themselves and one day they will solve big challenges all by themselves.”
- Teachpreschool

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