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About Fairyland

Our Ethos

At Fairyland we are committed to providing a home away from home experience where our children can grow and develop in a fun and loving environment.

Our “Fairy Godmothers” are all highly qualified Early Years Educators who are dedicated to providing a stimulating child-led, play-based curriculum which is delivered through Aistear (the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework for all children in Ireland from birth up to six years).

We want to develop a close relationship with you and your family. We are excited to become a part of your child’s journey through Fairyland, from encouraging them to take their first steps to wearing their hat and gown on Graduation Day of Pre-School and singing to our hearts content on the journey home from Big School.

Our Ethos

Our Curriculum

The research is so clear about the benefits of play that in Fairyland we have established play as central to our curriculum. We support each child within Fairyland to be confident and competent learners.


We develop our curriculum in partnership with the child, parents and all professionals who support the children in Fairyland. We use daily small/large groups and one to one activities to support each child and also use visual aids as these are an important communication strategy in Fairyland.


Our Curriculum, which is inclusive to all children and families, promotes the child’s independence, curiosity, language and social skills, physical development, literacy and mathematical skills along with understanding the world around us. This is done through following the child’s lead and interest and building upon an emergent curriculum.


Through the children’s play based, hands on learning they explore imaginary worlds, social interaction and their physical developments. Our daily documentation of each child’s progression is visible on the Child Paths app and in your child’s individual and group learning journals.


At Fairyland Crèche we use a play-based approach. Research shows that by using this curriculum we support children’s holistic learning and development. Our curriculum is infused with both Aistear and Siolta, which are our National frameworks for early childhood care and education in Ireland.


Choosing Childcare

Your child will spend many days, months and years in childcare. At Fairyland we appreciate that this can often be a difficult and daunting decision to make. To help make the decision a little easier for all prospective parent we have outlined some important things to consider when choosing your childcare provider.

  • The feeling you get when visiting Fairyland

  • Communication

The amount and type of information shared with parents/children as well as the type of information we ask of parents is important as the more information we can gather the better quality service we can provide. We ask about the child’s background, interests, needs, abilities, likes, dislikes and special relationships. We also capture and communicate information with you in real time about your child’s day in Fairyland via the Child Paths app.

  • How is Fairyland managed?


Fairyland is a family run business since 2002. Keira, Maria and Charles are the owner/managers one of whom is always on site or one of the Deputy Managers at certain times of the day. The quality of management impacts directly on children’s and parents’ experiences in and within the service.

  • Children’s Rights are respected

Children must be able to have a say and make choices, to be treated with respect, to have their needs met, to be nurtured, educated and well cared for and, importantly, to play.

  • Environment

Our learning environment (indoors and outdoors) influences what and how our children learn. Lots of natural materials and equipment that encourage children to play and to explore, and to use freely in their own way to keep a high standard of quality learning for each child.

  • Fairyland policies and procedures

It is essential to us that policies are implemented and are not just on paper to provide the best quality of service.

  • Health, Nutrition and Welfare

You can view our most recent Tusla inspection report online or on our Notice board to ensure that we meet the legal requirements regarding health, nutrition and welfare.

  • Inclusion and individual needs

The owner, Keira, is a qualified Inclusion Coordinator and is available to all families, children and educators. Fairyland is respectful of differences of all kinds including culture, family background, religious beliefs, ability and disability.

  • Settling in

The procedure for supporting children in the settling-in period is particularly important. For information on our settling in procedure please see below.

  • Relationships

Relationships are hugely important to children’s development and wellbeing, and so the quality of relationships in Fairyland must be one of the most important considerations when choosing childcare. This is evident when you walk into Fairyland.

  • Curriculum


Fairyland clearly describes the curriculum we have in place to Parents on their initial viewing of our crèche. It is particularly important to us how children learn and that learning is holistic for each child. Trust, motivation, interest, enjoyment, and social and emotional development are as important to us as purely physical and thinking skills. You can view our most recent Education report online.

  • Play and learning

Indoors and Outdoors - Hands-on, playful, meaningful activities that encourage creativity, exploration and curiosity are hugely evident at Fairyland just come and see. Young children need lots of movement for the development of their thinking skills as well as their physical development, rather than too much sitting at tables.

  • Preparing for the move to school


Preparing our children for the move to school happens over time. We like to do this in collaboration with local schools.

For more information and advice please you can contact:
Galway Childcare Committee on 091752039
TUSLA on 091775823
Early Childhood Ireland

Choosing Childcare

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“Our daughter adores Fairyland! She's been lovingly looked after there since she was a baby, and now is set to graduate next year. When we pick her up, we love hearing about her day from her teachers, and seeing updates on the app throughout the day. Her teachers show her such affection, and she is so enthusiastic to tell us about what she's done that day with them. She gets the best of all worlds when she's there, from naps, snacks and meals, exercise, learning, play... to lots of cuddles and fun! A big thank you to everyone at Fairyland for doing what you do. It's really a special place.”
- Celeste’s Mum & Dad

“The staff at Fairyland Crèche are so professional and have put my mind at ease from day one. I was nervous about my first born going somewhere new and being separated from him, but there was never a day I worried about him. The staff are so tuned into the kids and know them and their personalities so well. Every member of staff knows my son's name. He has some allergies/ intolerances and they are so careful with any food he has and always provide alternatives if needed. He loves his teachers Marian and Carla. I'm so happy we found this crèche.”
- Eoghan’s Mum & Dad


“May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk to the man on the moon. May you grow up with love and gracious hearts and people who care. Welcome to the world, little one. It’s been waiting for you.”
- Unknown

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