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Firefly Grotto (2 Years +)

In Firefly Grotto, your toddler is becoming really independent from speaking a few words to putting full sentences together, dressing themselves and even riding a trike. This is one of your child’s most important ages for emotional development so we like to learn all about our feelings, emotions and how to express ourselves.

Play is central to our Fireflies learning. You will see our room transform from a farm yard to “under the sea” as they come home with new vocabulary, songs and stories.

Friendships that last a lifetime are created in the firefly room as they learn positive friendship skills.

Your child may show signs of being ready to begin toilet training towards the end of the year in the Firefly Grotto. The educators will work closely with parents to create a positive balance between home and Fairyland so the child becomes successfully toilet trained.

Our Fireflies need good sleep as well as nutrition and exercise. Each child has their own bed with their own cellular blanket and transition periods from rest to play and vice-versa are done with ease and at the children’s pace. We use a stay and support method to establish positive sleep practices for your child.

We will capture and communicate information and photos with you in real time about your child’s day and development with us via the Child Paths app.


“Every Blink of a firefly’s light says…Believe!”
- Princess Sassy Pants & Co

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