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If you have any questions about Child Paths or other family supports then please contact Fairyland Crèche

Family Supports

Child Paths App

At Fairyland Crèche we us the Child Paths Childcare Software to update our parents and keep them informed of their child’s daily activities and overall development.

Child Paths is a mobile and web app that allows childcare practitioners to capture, store and communicate information to parents. It allows ourselves and parents to monitor and interact with the child’s progress at Fairyland. The Child Paths App gives parents real-time peace of mind and updates them continually throughout the day, so you can be more involved in your child’s learning and development.

The app includes tools that identifies and tracks key milestones in a child’s life and creates individualised action plans. Our teachers can upload and share their curriculum plan and their daily observations of your child’s progress. The app also tracks daily updates such as attendance, food, medicine, activities, nappy changing, sleeping and much more.

You can find out more about Child Paths at

Child Path App

Government Schemes


The Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme provides 2 years of free pre-school education. To qualify for this scheme your child must have reached the age of 2 years and 8 months by the beginning of the school year. This scheme covers the cost of programmes that take place for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, 38 weeks of the year. The ECCE Scheme is not means tested and is available for all children of pre-school age.

Our Montessori programme is available under the ECCE Scheme.

For more information visit and


From October 2019, the National Childcare Scheme provides supports to families with children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years who attend a participating Tusla Registered childcare service.

Universal Subsidies are available to all families with children under three years old. They are also available to families with children over three years who have not yet qualified for the ECCE scheme. This subsidy is not means tested and contributes to the cost of a childcare place for up to a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Income Assessed Subsidies are available to families with children aged between 24 weeks and 15 years. This subsidy is means tested and will be calculated based on your individual circumstances. Your rate will vary depending on your level of family income, your child’s age and educational stage, and the number of children in your family. The subsidy can be used towards the cost of a registered childcare place for up to a maximum of 40 hours if you are working, studying or training, or in circumstances where you are unavailable for childcare, and a maximum of 15 hours if you are not working, studying or training.

For more information visit

Government Schemes

If you would like more information on the schemes available at Fairyland Crèche then get in touch with our team.

Health and Safety Supports

RSA Check it Fits

At Fairyland we like to direct parents to the RSA Check it Fits Service in partnership with Toyota.

What is Check it Fits?
At the Check it Fits service, RSA experts will check child car seats and restraints free of charge at Toyota dealerships nationwide as well as many other locations across Ireland. Their experts will fix any incorrectly fitted seats and restraints, show parents how to do it themselves and answer any queries they have. It only takes a few minutes, no appointment is necessary and it is open to all makes and models of cars and child car seats.

To find out when Check it Fits is in your area please visit


There are important immunisations and vaccinations that your child needs to be healthy. The immunisation protect your child from harmful illnesses and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children at Fairyland.


For more information on Child Immunisation please visit

If you would like more information on the family support programmes then Fairyland Crèche then get in touch with our team.

Health and Safety Supports
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