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Magic Kingdom Montessori (3 - 5 years ECCE)

Wow what a journey…we made it all the way to Pre-School!
We are so excited to start the next stage of our journey…a two year learning enriched environment prior to taking that big step into Big School!
In Magic Kingdom we are introduced to Montessori materials that help us to learn through hands-on, self paced learning with freedom of choice, movement and guidance to stimulate our minds, encourage collaboration and independence and provide us with time and space to complete our “work”!
In this way Montessori inspires us to become independent and self motivated.
We learn to develop our language skills further and are introduced to Irish, through learning Irish songs and rhymes and learning the Irish names of everyday items.
We have great fun learning about science and then making models of our solar system and singing songs about the planets as well as dinosaurs, the life cycle of the butterfly, the continents of the world and many more projects.
We combine Montessori methods with Aistear (The National Curriculum Framework) which is play based child led role play in everyday situations, such as the Doctor’s surgery, the Hairdresser’s/Barbers, Restaurants etc…
We have interest areas which change weekly/monthly according to our curriculum plans and get lots of opportunities to continue our activities outdoors every day.
During all of this “learning” we develop socially, emotionally, spiritually intellectually and physically and are not only prepared for Big School but for life!
Twice a year we put on a show for parents and grandparents, our Christmas play and our Graduation Ceremony. These are very special occasions for all involved, as we burst with pride and everyone is amazed at how much their confidence has grown.
We will capture and communicate information and photos with you in real time about your child’s day and development with us via the Child Paths app.


“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”
- Maria Montessori

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