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Pixie Hollow (2.5 – 3 Years)

Your Pixies are preparing to take off and become confident, independent and imaginative individuals. In Pixie Hollow we continue to promote independence, social interaction, speech, imagination and expression of feelings and respect for their friends feelings.

We really love to explore dramatic play as our room transforms from the post office to the vets as we learn all about what our parents do for work.

We learn how to care for others and how to explore and develop our own interests and cultures.

The gentle introduction of Montessori materials at this age and stage will support your child’s practical skills and encourage independence as the children learn skills like putting on their own coat and shoes, cleaning themselves after meals and learning to use the toilet, fasten zips and button up clothing and experiment with spooning and pouring among many other skills. Pencil control will be introduced through play to promote fine motor skills and get them ready for their journey to preschool.

We further promote sharing and turn taking and encourage them at group time to speak in front of their friends to promote confidence and self-esteem and also to listen while their friends are talking.

By the end of this year our Pixies will be looking forward to taking their next flight into our Pre-School Montessori.

We will keep you updated in real time via the Child Paths app so you can stay connected to your child’s day.


“Sometimes you have to talk to a three year old to understand life again.”
- Unknown

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